Tortuguero – A Tropical Getaway in Beautiful Costa Rica!

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How would you feel about a Costa Rican getaway? You’d be surprised how much this is a kids’ trip. Costa Rica is very warm all year around. Tortuguero is no exception! Tortuguero is located on the northern, Caribbean side and is a national park and rain forest. This amazing national park is like a zoo where you can walk among native creatures including toucans, monkeys, turtles, and more. Unlike many rain forests, Tortuguero is easy to get to. Tours often depart San Jose via bus to this tropical region. Many companies offer all-inclusive packages that include transportation, meals, lodging, and more! Your Exquisite Air Charter representative will gladly assist you in setting up a visit to Tortuguero.

Costa Rica Sea Turtle
Costa Rica Sea Turtle

We highly recommend a walking tour into the village of Tortuguero, kayaking smaller canals, and guides canoe rides to get close to local animals. Most of all, the evening turtle tour is not to be missed!

Costa Rica Turtle Nesting
Costa Rica Turtle Nesting

Sea Turtle nesting is most available to visitors during the months spanning from July through October; with hatching generally taking place near Christmas time. Special guides are available through many lodges who will take small groups to view, up close, nesting female sea turtles. A strong patrol presence exists in the evenings to prevent poaching and education is available through the local Sea Turtle Conservancy; explaining just how important the sea turtles are (especially the endangered green turtle).

There are so many opportunities for amazing, up-close, interaction with the animals when visiting beautiful Costa Rica but perhaps Tortuguero is the epitome of opportunities for interaction and education when associated with rain forest animals in Costa Rica. Whether you arrive via a private jet or other – Tortuguero is a great place to visit!

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