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Charter Flight Pricing

What is the cost of a private jet charter flight?

Similar to the cost of a traveling by car, charter flight pricing varies based on fuel costs, fuel efficiency, distance traveled, and many more factors. Basic charter flight pricing is calculated by taking the hourly rate of the chosen aircraft and multiplying it by the flight hours. Private jet charter hourly rates typically range between $900 per flight hour for a turbo prop to upwards of $10,000 per flight hour for ultra long range jets and commercial airliners. Jet charter pricing depends on your chosing aircraft and varies further based on availability. The cost to charter a private plane is not based on a per person basis and, as a result, the number of people traveling typically has very little impact on the cost of your private flight. 

In addition to the hourly rate and any pertinent minumums, additional variable cost may be applicable to the cost of your private jet flight.

Private Jet Charter - Standard Costs

  • Hourly Rate
  • Daily Minimums
  • Landing Fees
  • Ramp Fees
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Segment Fees
  • Federal Excise Tax

Private Jet Charter - Additional Costs

  • Crew Overnight Fees
  • Crew Per Diem Fees
  • Wait Time Fees
  • Short Leg Fees
  • Reposition Fees
  • De-Icing Fees
  • International Fees
  • Catering Fees
  • Flight Phone Fees
  • Wi-Fi Fees
  • Cleaning Fees

How We Save You Money

Aircraft Choice: Our professional flight advisors are experienced in analyzing the flight capabilities of individual aircraft to offer you the best private aircraft option for each of your flight itineraries. If the flight time of your requested aircraft is increased due to the aircraft's operational capabilities and we are aware that an alternate class or type of aircraft will be more cost-effective for your requested itinerary, we will automatically present the additional option(s) for your review.

Type of Flight: For each itinerary, we will analyze whether the itinerary will be most cost-effective as a one-way, round-trip, or drop-off and pick-up based on flight time, duration of trip, aircraft availability, and more.

Alternate Airports: Our professional team will help you determine the airport closest to your final destination; however, if we determine there is an alternate airport that doesn't create an inconvenience for the passengers but is significantly more cost-effective we will advise you of such. Variables such as landing fees, ramp fees, fuel costs, etc... vary from airport to airport. It is our responsibility to be aware of how these costs affect you - our client; our priority!

Catering: Your flight coordinator will review multiple options for in-flight catering that may include traditional in-flight catering companies (most expensive); food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grub Hub; local restaurants that deliver; and food options that the crew might be able to pick up.



What Exquisite Air Charter WILL NOT Do

Exquisite Air Charter is honest about jet charter pricing. Here is what we WILL NOT do:

  • Post-Flight Billing: Exquisite Air Charter is not going to surprise you with enormous post-flight bills for standard charter flight costs. Typically, the only post-flight billing is for special catering that you request, ground transportation we arrange on your behalf, de-icing should it become necessary, and/or billable changes to your itinerary.
  • Lie About Costs: It seems to be becoming more common for charter companies to market private charter flights as being comparable in price to business class airline fares. Some even suggest it might be lower than coach on some routes. This type of marketing is most offen deceitful. The DOCs (direct operating costs) of a flight make it very difficult to compare with commercial flight pricing. Further, when a private charter cost is significantly reduced, how is this achieved? Most likely by cutting costs that compromise safety. Exquisite Air Charter will never compromise safety for price.
  • Compromise Safety for Cost: Exquisite Air Charter is committed to passengers and flight safety. The operators and aircraft we work with are very carefully chosen with safety being our top priority. Price never comes before safety

Exquisite Air Charter arranges flights on behalf of our clients with FAR Part 135 direct air carriers that exercise full operational control of charter flights at all times. Flights will be operated by FAR Part 135 direct air carriers that have been certified to provide service for Exquisite Air Charter charter clients and who meet all FAA safety standards and additional Exquisite Air Charter safety standards. Exquisite Air Charter is not an aircraft operator.

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