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Private Jet Charter Flights

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Charter Flights


  • No public terminals/crowded airports or invasive security screenings
  • No strangers on your flight


  • Depart when you want
  • Depart from where you want
  • Avoid stops & layovers


  • Request an aircraft with free Wi-Fi (which are most private planes these days)
  • Additional amenities include customized, gourmet, in-flight meals & snacks, satellite TV & more!


  • Only fly with your invited guests
  • More comfortable cabin setting
  • Privacy


Charter flights are unscheduled flights that are not associated with a routine airline route. You rent the entire aircraft and choose all the specifics associated with your flight itinerary. Additionally, charter flights are personalized and flexible flights with only you and your invited guests. Additionally, chartered flights are tailored to your preferences - including offering arrivals to thousands of airports not serviced by commercial airlines that are often more convenient and closer to your final destination. Charter flights are often referred to as private flights because they are, indeed, private, as you rent the entire aircraft for you and your guests, choose your exact departure dates, times, aircraft, and airports. You will not wait in any lines: not for check-in, security, nor boarding. You simply drive up to your plane (most locations) or enter an FBO (private terminal) and your luggage is placed in the baggage area of your plane while you board the plane and take your seat. 




Far too often, commercial carriers cannot keep up with the demands of business travelers. Whether they don't accommodate your required city pairs, the times their flights are available, or the overall inconveniences of commercial travel are just too much, Exquisite Air Charter is here to resolve your concerns. When business travellers fly private they increase in-flight productivity, reduce travel-related stress, and maximize their time. 


Exquisite Air Charter has worked with some of the most well-known tour managers and artists to arrange their charter flights over the years. Charter flights get you to your destination quickly and efficiently when you are traveling from event to event on a set (often tight) schedule. Let Exquisite Air Charter get you to all your tour commitments on time with charter flights to and from worldwide destinations.


Charter flights aren't only about luxury. In fact, high-profile persons often choose to fly private charter flights for the privacy more than anything else. They can pull their car planeside, five minutes before departure, and board the plane discreetly while their driver and the crew load their luggage. Charter flights are luxurious and stylish and offer gourmet meals but most importantly... no waiting! No crowds! No lines! 


Charter Flights are often a better choice for sports teams because they have a group of people who need to fly together without being delayed. Additionally, they need an aircraft that can accommodate their equipment without dmaging it. Exquisite Air Charter is experienced assisting both college teams and pro teams with their charter flights.