Charter Flight Cost Estimator Tool

The following private jet charter flight estimator tool offers estimated instant private jet charter pricing for round trips, one ways, and multi-leg private flights. You can also choose the options at the bottom to view available empty legs and even add a customized empty leg monitor for a flight you are planning! 

**Please Note: Additional availability may not show in your search results. Please submit your request and one of our professional charter flight professionals will give personal attention to your flight search to offer you the most accommodating and cost-effective options for your itinerary.

What is a one-way private jet charter flight?

A private jet one-way flight where the aircraft is booked for a one-way trip. The aircraft will not return to its original destination and will either fly to a different destination or be repositioned for another charter flight.

What is an empty leg private jet charter flight?

On the other hand, a private jet empty leg, also known as a deadhead flight, is a flight that is scheduled to fly without any passengers on board. This happens when a private jet charter company has a booked flight in one direction and there is no return flight scheduled. The company will often offer the empty leg flight at a discounted rate in order to fill the aircraft and offset the cost of repositioning the aircraft.

Available empty legs and one-way flight opportunities

The following is only a small portion of the available discounted one-way flight opportunities we can offer. Please request your specific itinerary. Exquisite Air Charter is your one-stop resource for one-way flights. Below is just a partial list of the one-ways we have to offer. Contact one of our charter specialists to find out if we have a one-way to match your specific itinerary. Our charter specialists are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week by email or toll-free at (888) EAC-JETS (888-322-5387) – Email Us

Last Minute One-Way Flight Opportunities

Often times, last minute one-way flight opportunities offer the best pricing. Please keep in mind that we generally require 2-3 hours from booking to wheels up so please plan for your last minute one-way flights appropriately.