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Aircraft Charter is the preferred method of travel for high-end clients who demand, and can afford, the very best!  Chartered Flights can take you anywhere you want to go.  Corporate Aircraft have access to over 5,500 airports worldwide.  That is a substantial difference from the mere 565 that commercial airlines frequent.  When you fly with Exquisite Air Charter, our team of aviation professionals will assist you in determining the most appropriate airport for your final destination.

Our splendid service doesn't stop when you de-plane.  We continue to offer our concierge services.  We make dinner reservations, assist in securing entertainment, order flowers; whatever you need!  Exquisite Air Charter has built its reputation for going above and beyond the level of luxurious services that you expect when you fly private!  Just another reason to call us today!

Chartered Flights are among the safest, most convenient methods of travel.  You set your own schedule; you can depart when it is convenient for you!  Private Jets have proven themselves as an invaluable tool for many professionals, athletes and entertainers.  Through the years, aircraft charter has become a mature and reliable method of travel.  When you work with the dedicated and experienced staff at Exquisite Air Charter, the process of chartering a private aircraft is as simple as providing us with a destination and choosing when you'd like to depart.  Exquisite Air Charter provides uncompromised luxury and convenience.