Private jet checklist for international flights

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private jet checklist

Private jet checklist for international flights

Private aviation is on high demand and winter is just around the corner. Thinking of exploring the snowy Alps in Europe or the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea? When chartering a jet for international travel, there are a series of variables that need to be settled from a passenger standpoint and, with the increasing number of first-time flyers in this industry, finding the proper guidance can make or break the private jet experience.

We have prepared a private jet checklist for all passengers, new or frequent, before chartering a flight to your next international destination:

1) Do your homework

As with every service or product, it is advisable to research the various available options out there, reading reviews or scanning the press for potential red flags on any charter companies. Once you have chosen some reputable and certified options, it is also a good practice to requests at least three quotes from different companies for your travel, allowing you not only to compare prices, but a preview of the potential service on board.

2) Plan ahead

Private aviation is known for its flexibility before, during and after a flight, nevertheless, in order to find a better price and the right aircraft for the time and day of your flight, the recommendation is to do so beforehand, avoiding last minutes quote requests. The previous adds pressure to your travel arrangement as well as the charter company, who might need to locate a more expensive aircraft due to availability.

3) Know your itinerary

Again, while flexibility is the main trait of this segment, having clarity of the entire travel itinerary will maximize the experience while also cutting costs, especially if the schedule contemplates more than one destination. Unexpected changes in itinerary are always possible with private aviation, like changes in aircraft and route, although they come with a price. Furthermore, knowing the routes will allow the charter company to pair the right aircraft with the different available runways, thus landing as closely as possible to destination.

4) Prepare your documentation

International flights require proper documentation, sometimes including a Visa. A private jet company will execute the paperwork for entry permits, embassy authorizations (when necessary), among other actions. Similarly, dogs or cats can be transported when providing country-specific required documentation. This overall process will be guided by your chosen private jet provider well in advance of your itinerary, whether traveling alone or alongside a group.

5) Ask questions 

Once everything seems good-to-go, contract in hand awaiting a signature, there is always time to ask further questions. Would you like to know more about the maintenance logs on a certain aircraft in your itinerary? Perhaps you have doubts on the cancellation policy? What about the capability of a certain FBO to receive a heavy transatlantic private jet? It’s your right to ask any questions before signing the contract. Every serious private jet provider will be transparent and happy to answer any questions you might have. If they don’t: red flag alert!

In essence, private aviation will go above and beyond in regard to customer service and comfort. Nevertheless, maximizing that experience before the flight is a joint effort between the passenger and the provider. This private jet checklist will help savvy and new travelers better navigate their future international private jet booking experience, as beautiful and diverse destinations await worldwide. Making sure to choose a trusted provider like Exquisite Air Charter will be paramount for a memorable experience.

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