New to private aviation? Top Q&A for first-time flyers

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first-time flyers

New to private aviation?
Top Q&A for first-time flyers

An influx of first-time flyers during the pandemic has demanded private jet providers worldwide to go back to the basics of how they market their services and manage expectations for a new array of consumers.

While the pandemic was a major blow for many industries, for private aviation, it meant record-breaking demand worldwide and the opportunity to engage with new customers (first-time flyers by private jet). For an industry that has historically relied on business travel and seasonal leisure flights, receiving a sudden influx of customers is a great opportunity that also comes with a big responsibility: managing the expectations of first-time flyers.

First-Time Flyers

We have created a list of the top 5 questions that first-time flyers have asked during the past year before chartering a private jet flight with Exquisite Air Charter.

What aircraft should I choose?

Depending on where you’re flying, the number of passengers and budget, there is, without a doubt, the perfect aircraft for every flight. You can choose from light jets for 4 to 6 passengers up to transatlantic jets for more than 20. The number of hours in the air and the type of runway also need to be factored into the equation. The good thing is that the private jet provider will guide you throughout the process, also accounting for the aircraft availability on the day of your flight. 

Are turboprops safe?

For flights lasting less than two hours and to remote places, the default option by any experienced private jet provider will be a turboprop. These aircraft are the workhorses of the private aviation industry worldwide and feature great safety ratings. In fact, the turboprop with the best safety record is a single-engine aircraft, the Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12, a comfortable and versatile plane.

Can I land at any airport?

In the U.S. alone, there are roughly 5,000 airports where private jets can land, while commercial airliners can only use 500 of them due to size and other limitations. Furthermore, certified private jet companies will recommend the appropriate aircraft for each runway requirement, thus maximizing the possibility to depart and land at almost any airport.

Is it too expensive?

Well, what’s the value of your time? Private aviation allows passengers to arrive just minutes before departure and avoid long security lines, thus gaining at least 2 hours for each flight compared to commercial aviation. Also, when you charter a full private jet, the total cost is sometimes even less than the combined cost of the same number of passengers purchasing individual one-way seats on a commercial flight.

What’s an empty-leg flight?

These flights market at almost half the price. Why? Because they become available after an aircraft that was chartered one-way returns to base, or after the repositioning of a plane that will start a new flight on a different location. Private charter companies offer these opportunities at a reduced price to minimize the costs of flying an empty plane, even if it means transporting one single passenger. It does have a catch: they are last-minute, and you can’t choose the route or itinerary.

In conclusion

Asking the right questions is the first step to a flawless private jet experience whether you are a seasoned private flyer or part of the first-time flyers group, especially if it’s your first time flying on a private aircraft. Experienced companies like Exquisite Air Charter add true value to their service by actively engaging and guiding new customers, without losing sight of their frequent travelers.

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