Discover These Golf Courses Near Airports For A Quick Tee Time

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Golf Courses Near Airports

Wherever you are, you can bet there are golf courses near airports. The ones we’ll  be talking about today are within 30 minutes of major airports around the globe, and have top-class restaurants to give you a local food experience. 

Whether you happen to live in the area or want to take a quick trip to play a stunning golf course, it’s as easy as hopping on a private jet

Here are some golf courses near airports that you may find interesting: 

Lakes at El Segundo – Los Angeles, California 

Did you arrive to the LAX or Hawthorne Airport a bit too early for your scheduled departure time? This nine-hole course is just a short drive away, and is equipped with a course, a driving range, and a training center. Whether you have hours to spend or just a bit of time, you can find a golfing activity that suits you before heading back to your private jet. 

Grab a quick meal at the Fairway Cafe if you are hungry. Another bit of good news is that the rates are low at this course, because it’s part of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.  

Stockley Park Golf Club – London, England 

If you’ve got some time to kill near Heathrow, Stockley Park Golf Club is just ten minutes away. It’s an easier course than others in the area, with few water hazards to get stuck in. If your drive is good, you’ll find it a breeze, but if it’s your weak point, the 6400-meter course may be challenging. 

If you don’t feel like playing a full round, you can work your way through a bucket of balls to the driving range. The on-site restaurant and bar serve delicious food, and if you want to get a taste of the local cuisine, order a traditional English plate. 

The Nicklaus Course at Pronghorn Golf Club – Bend

This course is well worth the play and should be on every golfer’s bucket list. It’s in Bend, Oregon, which means it isn’t exactly a stone’s throw away from Portland International airport and even closer to Bend Municipal Airport. This course offers some of the most amazing golf in the region. 

Designed by golfing great Jack Nicklaus, the course is impressive and pristine. Juniper forests and unique lava formations are just some of the amazing sights. Of course, the Cascades as your backdrop is breathtaking, too. The course accommodates all levels of golfers and has rare back-to-back par-5s. 

Tiber Golf Club – Rome, Italy 

Just 15 minutes away from the airport lies this short but sweet course. Swing your driver on the range to stretch your arms a bit before getting back onto your private jet. 

For a treat, visit the clubhouse Italian restaurant to try out the delectable cheeses and wines when in Italy! 

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club – Dubai, UAE 

If you happen to have some time to spare before or after your flight in Dubai and you’d rather brave the heat than be inside, you can take a quick half-hour trip to the Dubai Creek Club. Like the rest of Dubai’s indulgent air, the golf course offers a challenging but visually stunning course. 

Unlike most golf courses, every hole on this one is backed with luxury buildings or bridges. Definitely a unique course! 

If you’re pressed for time, there’s a quick par-3 course that you could run through in 30 minutes. If you’re travelling with the family, you could spend some time on the mini golf course. 

Have a luxury, 5-star meal overlooking the magnificent Dubai Bay to end off this unique and interesting experience. 

Kasco Hanaha Club Airport – Tokyo, Japan 

Minutes away from Narita International Airport is this fun course. Suitable for golfers of any skill level, it’s just under 6900 yards. It’s a minimalistic course, mirroring the cleanliness and discipline of Japanese culture. 

It’s so quick to get there that it’s almost like stepping off the plane right onto the first tee box. The course is also English-friendly, due to its close proximity to the airport and abundance of foreign visitors. 

If you flew without your clubs, then you can rent good quality, well-looked-after clubs for a fair price. 

Tianzhu Countryside Golf Course – Beijing, China 

If you want to get away from the business of the airport in Beijing, take a drive to the Tianzhu Countryside Golf course. The course features 27 holes, which is rare to find so close to a big airport. 

This is more of  a resort with a hotel and a great restaurant, at which you can sample traditional Beijing food. 

The Lakes Golf Club – Sydney, Australia 

Whoever said 13 was an unlucky number? That’s how many minutes it will take you to drive from the airport to The Lakes Golf Club. It’s a championship-style course with 18 holes of natural beauty and challenging golf, and hosts several tournaments per year. 

The course is built into the landscape in a very natural way. It works with the natural scenery to provide an exciting challenge for golfers, no matter your skill level. 

Get yourself a great Australian meal at the clubhouse, with a view over the beautiful course. If you’ve got time to spare, this is a worthwhile visit. 


If you have time to spare near one of these airports, don’t worry… just a short drive away lies a golfing paradise when you discover these golf courses near airports. You could be on the course in less than 30 minutes to make the most of your short amount of available time. 

From LAX to Europe, there are beautiful golf courses near airports upon which to enjoy your time, see some of the local flora and fauna, and get a taste of the cuisine.

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