Discover the best skiing centers in South America on a private jet

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the best skiing centers in South America on a private jet

Discover the best skiing centers in South America on a private jet

Best skiing centers in South America on a private jet

When thinking of the best skiing centers, the Alps or Aspen most likely come to mind but what about the best skiing centers in South America on a private jet. South America also offers impressive ski resorts in the Andes Mountains. The busiest are in Argentina and Chile, with both countries offering something distinctive, either due to their proximity to a picturesque town or majestic views of snow-capped peaks.

Likewise, both countries have good connectivity to the main venues thanks to their proximity to important cities, as is the case of those close to the Chilean capital, where helicopter rentals from the airport or the city center are common, or thanks to the nearby airport infrastructure, as is the case of Mendoza and the Comodoro D. Ricardo Salomon airport.

Executive aviation allows you to connect in a flexible, agile, and safe way with any of the centers and Exquisite Air Charter knows the best skiing centers in South America on a private jet. They also have a comprehensive understanding of the private aviation market as well as the needs of passengers who travel by private jet to enjoy the benefits of local skiing. What are the main tracks and centers in the region? A list is below.

Destinations: the best skiing centers in South America on a private jet


From Mendoza to Ushuaia, Argentina has internationally renowned ski slopes. The most popular is Las Leñas in Mendoza, where the nearest airport is the aforementioned Comodoro D. Ricardo Salomon. A highly demanded route is from the San Fernando airport in Buenos Aires, almost exclusively dedicated to executive aviation, on a flight that lasts less than two hours.

Las Leñas is visited by local and international tourists, especially Brazilian travelers, several of them true ski lovers. Likewise, they choose executive aviation because they know that their equipment will arrive at their destination in perfect condition, and they will not have to pay additional costs for weight or volume. Private aviation and skiing are the perfect complements to a great experience.

Further south of the country is the famous town of Bariloche, precisely where beautiful Patagonia begins. There lies Cerro Catedral, one of the few places in the region where it is possible to ski between the trees, just like in the northern hemisphere. The San Carlos de Bariloche airport is where savvy travelers land their private jet charters.

In the extreme south of the continent is the southernmost center of the world, Cerro Castor in the beautiful town of Ushuaia. Due to its location, it is also the center with the longest season in the region, with snow even during spring (September – December). The way to arrive by private plane is landing at the Ushuaia Malvinas Argentinas International airport which, to get an idea, is almost three and a half hours from Buenos Aires by air.


On the other side of the mountain range, you can also find very good options for skiing. The top ones are only an hour by ground from Santiago or 15 minutes by helicopter. Four ski resorts comprise the region’s options – each one separated by a few miles. Portillo, El Colorado-Farellones, La Parva, and, the best known of all, Valle Nevado, have international caliber slopes and high-end hotels. Naturally, the Santiago International airport is the closest option, from where it is possible to connect by ground or helicopter.

Further south is Nevados de Chillan, an iconic ski center in the country that also offers a wide range of hotels and even hot springs for visitors. The General Bernardo O’Higgins Regional airport is the closest terminal to the center. Even further south lies Corralco, a smaller and little-known resort, precisely at the foot of the beautiful Lonquimay volcano.

This place is just 60 miles from Temuco, although thanks to private aviation, it is possible to get much closer and land at the Villa Portales airport. However, it is important to take into account that only some aircraft can operate there due to its runway extension (roughly 3,100 feet). Given these conditions, a modern turboprop like the Pilatus PC-12 or the King Air B200 are great options.

Ski South America

Although the aforementioned centers do not have the glamor of the European, US, or even Canadian slopes, the best skiing centers in South America on a private jet is far from being a secret among skiing enthusiasts. Good connectivity, a wide range of hotels, and a unique geographical beauty are the perfect conditions for those who want to live an unforgettable experience by visiting the best skiing centers in South America on a private jet. And what better than pairing these benefits with the flexibility and comfort of executive aviation?

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