Why FBOs play a key role in the private jet experience

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Private Jet FBOs

Private Aviation FBOs

Just like services in many industries, the private aviation experience is made of a set of variables. Today, new expectations surround private aviation after the pandemic, and one of those components is crucial for adding tangible value to customers worldwide: FBOs. They served as a key decision driver during the outbreak for those still undecided to fly private, thanks to the controlled atmosphere it provided when social distancing was still a thing.

Services Provided by FBOs

FBOs (fixed-base operators) offer two essential services in the private jet experience. Firstly, it’s the location where passengers arrive to embark on their jet – usually a small and private lounge with no check-in lines, and secondly, the place that provides specific services to the aircraft, from ground handling, fuel, and even parking or hangarage depending on the length of the trip. In essence, the private jet experience wouldn’t be the same without them.

The other key service is the inflight experience, which is a responsibility of the private jet company. Yet can it be considered a separate piece of the puzzle? Not quite – the full private jet experience should be considered by private jet providers as only one. In fact, for the passengers, that’s exactly the case. Why should the passenger care that two separate entities are acting in the process? They just want to experience the comfort, flexibility, and efficiency that this industry brings to the table. At Exquisite Air Charter we have the task to partner with the appropriate FBO services provider to secure a seamless travel experience.

On the other end of the runway lies the FBO, which adapts to any aircraft needs while its staff greets the passengers as they disembark the jet. Several moving pieces need to be coordinated at any given time before the passenger leaves the aircraft and enters the private lounge. They will be served by an FBOs qualified team who will coordinate and assist passengers with luggage, ground transportation, hospitality arrangements, and much more.

FBOs and private jet companies should work as one to deliver the best possible service. The client is expecting that scenario – a smooth experience with no flaws when stepping in or out of a private jet.

Roles of FBOs to the private jet experience

The private aviation industry has different requirements from an aircraft service standpoint when compared to commercial aviation. Called handling services, this segment demands a tailored approach depending on the aircraft, time on the ground, route, and the number of passengers. This process can be separated into two segments, above-wing, and below-wing services.

The above-wing services assist the crew and passengers with customs and immigration during international flights, hotel or hospitality arrangements and ground transportation, and also catering for the flight. This must be specifically modified depending on the route and aircraft size, which determines a series of subsequent variables, like the type of crew and the potential duration of the pre-flight procedure.

The other type of service is called below-wing, which comprises all the essentials for the aircraft. Fueling arrangements, parking, ground power units, baggage handling, and cleaning, among others. This service is standard for almost any aircraft while above-wing services are for private aviation only.

The exclusive and demanding clientele that private jet providers and FBOs serve expect the utmost professionalism and privacy during their experience. Good coordination between both parties will enable a memorable private jet flight and a seamless transition between both ecosystems. To completely align with the passenger’s expectations, FBOs and charter brokers must understand that the image and reputation of the overall service will always be perceived as one.

Why FBOs play a key role in the private jet experience

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