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Vision Jet Private Jet Charter Flights

The Vision Jet is the first single-engine private jet to hit the business aviation market. It is also the smallest private jet. Nonetheless, the Vision Jet is feature rich and equipped with safety equipment that is unmatched by any other private jet on the market. Two of these safety features include the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS®) and Safe Return™.

Vision Jet Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS®)

The Vision Jet CAPS technology is the first parachute safety system and is part of the standard equipment of this jet. This whole plane parachute system deploys from the nose of the aircraft. This incredible video shows the parachute system in action.

Vision Jet Safe Return™

Safe Return™ is a safety feature of the Vision Jet that allows passengers the ability to perform an auto-landing at the touch of a button should an emergency arise. Learn more here.

Vision Jet Aircraft Information

Average Passenger Capacity: 5Lavatory Style: Fully Enclosed
Cruise Speed: 357 MPHRange: 1,200 NM
Cabin Width: 5 feet 1 inchesCabin Height: 4 feet 1 inches
Cabin Length: 11 feet 5 inchesManufacturer: Cirrus Aircraft
Aircraft Class: Very Light JetAverage Rate/Flight Hour: $2,375

Vision Jet Pictured

Vision Jet

Vision Jet Exterior

Vision Jet

Vision Jet Interior

Vision Jet Layout

Vision Jet

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