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Very Light Jets (VLJs) are entry-level private jets that are often referred to as personal jets. VLJs are the smallest jet classification (category) and typically seat 3-5 passengers comfortably. This private jet charter segment is a fairly new class to the charter flight market. Very light jet charters are ideal for passengers who may have considered a turbo prop but prefer a private jet. They tend to be as efficient (sometimes more efficient) as turbo-props yet have the quieter cabin, speed, and luxurious perks and performance associated with private jets. They are cost-effective, fast, and comfortable.

Aircraft listed here are operated by a select group of FAA Certified Part 135 Air Charter Carriers that meet both FAA requirements and additional Exquisite Air Charter standards. You may click any of the above aircraft to further explore that particular type of aircraft. Aircraft in photos are examples of the aircraft and not guaranteed to be the aircraft you charter. Please ask your charter representative for photos of the specific aircraft you will be flying in.