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The Red River Airport

The Red River Airport is located in Coushatta, Louisiana. It is a Civil airport with VFR (visual flight rules) approaches. The airport is open 24 hours per day, it is not an airport of entry, does not offer customs clearances/services. 

 Airport Information
 City: Coushatta State: Louisiana (LA)
 Airport Code: 0R7 Alt Airport Code: KOR7
 Latitude: 31.9902778 Longitude: -93.3076111
 Runway Length: 5,002 feet  Runway Elevation: 177 feet
 Time Zone: Central GMT Offset: -6



Private Jet Charter Flights to The Red River Airport in Coushatta, Louisiana are available for private charter flights with Exquisite Air Charter. Domestic charter flights and international private flights are available to and from The Red River Airport; however, customs services are not available at The Red River Airport so inbound international flights must first clear inbound customs at an alternate airport. The Red River Airport is capable of accommodating turbo props, very light jets, light jets, mid-sized jets, super mid-sized jets, and large cabin jets.

For private jet charters to The Red River Airport in Coushatta, Louisiana, please contact Exquisite Air Charter.

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