Charter Flight Cost Estimator Tool

The following private jet charter flight estimator tool offers estimated instant private jet charter pricing for round trips, one ways, and multi-leg private flights. You can also choose the options at the bottom to view available empty legs and even add a customized empty leg monitor for a flight you are planning! 

**Please Note: Additional availability may not show in your search results. Please submit your request and one of our professional charter flight professionals will give personal attention to your flight search to offer you the most accommodating and cost-effective options for your itinerary.

Sports team travel planning on private jets

A winning team understands the benefits of chartering private jets. The rigorous and demanding travel requirements of collegiate and professional teams should never compromise players’ ability to play their best; winning teams understand this! Exquisite Air Charter has the experience to customize your teams’ itineraries and travel arrangements so that you achieve the most convenient departure and arrival locations and times. All you and your team has to worry about is playing your best game!

Corporate team travel planning on charter flights

When your team flies together, you are able to collaborate and plan during the flight. Alternatively, your team can rest comfortably so that you can make the most of your time in the next city on your itinerary. Whatever you choose to do during the flight, we will make sure it is a pleasurable experience and customized to suit your individual needs.

Benefits of private flights for team travel

  • TEAM TRAVEL TIME REDUCTION: Team travel time can be significantly reduced by analyzing and arranging flights into airports closest to your final destination that may not be serviced by commercial airline providers. Not only are flights more efficient, but ground transportation time is reduced to further benefit your team. Flying to smaller, non-commercial, airports are often more cost-effective than flying to commercial airports, have fewer delays, and are more convenient for your team.
  • SCHEDULE EFFICIENCY: When your team travels by private plane, you get to make your own schedule. You choose your departure times and if your schedule changes; no problem! We are here to accommodate your schedule. Additionally, since there are fewer airport delays at airports frequented by private jets (airports that are often not serviced by commercial airlines), your schedule is less likely to be delayed.
  • TEAM TRAVEL PRIVACY: Not only is the boarding and deplaning process more private but you will not be flying with strangers who might over-hear proprietary information.
  • HEALTHY IN-FLIGHT CATERING OPTIONS: We won’t judge if you want to eat yummy cheat meals but, if you want a healthy menu – perhaps high in protein -then we can accommodate your likings. In fact, we have been known to accommodate some of the most discerning palates over the years.
  • YOUR TEAM WILL ARRIVE REFRESHED: Nothing beats the ability to rest comfortably while traveling to your destination.
  • NON-STOP FLIGHTS: With Exquisite Air Charter you won’t have to take multiple different planes to arrive at your destination. The plane you choose to book will be the plane you fly from point A to point B.
  • NO LOST OR DELAYED LUGGAGE OR EQUIPMENT: You and your belongings board at the same time so you reduce any possibility of lost or delayed luggage/equipment.
  • 24/7 DEDICATED SUPPORT: You will have a dedicated logistical support team available to support you around the clock to ensure all your needs are met and that your requirements are executed flawlessly.

How much are charter flights for sports teams?

Charter flights are priced according to a specific plane. The appropriate plane is chosen according to the distance of the required flights, the number of passengers, and any special requests from your team.

Commercial Airliners: Boeing and Airbus options will range from about $10,000 to $12,000 per flight hour. Additional costs may include taxes/segment fees, airport/landing fees, repositioning fees, overnights costs and special catering requests.

Regional Jets: Embraer regional jets and Bombardier CRJs typically range from $7,000 to $9,000 per flight hour. Additional costs may include taxes/segment fees, airport/landing fees, repositioning fees, overnights costs and special catering requests.

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