Private Jet Charter Flights: One-Ways vs. Empty Legs

Charter Flight Cost Estimator Tool

The following private jet charter flight estimator tool offers estimated instant private jet charter pricing for round trips, one ways, and multi-leg private flights. You can also choose the options at the bottom to view available empty legs and even add a customized empty leg monitor for a flight you are planning! 

**Please Note: Additional availability may not show in your search results. Please submit your request and one of our professional charter flight professionals will give personal attention to your flight search to offer you the most accommodating and cost-effective options for your itinerary.

Private Jet Charter flights empty legs and one-way flights are often confused. Empty legs describe unused portions of someone else’s flight. One-Ways are flights that travel from one city to another and do not return to the original city; you are flying one-way (not round trip). Perhaps the reason these private jet charter terms are so often confused is because of how they are related. Ideally, when you are flying one-way, you would want to match your itinerary with an available private jet charter flights empty leg to realize the best cost-savings.

Private Jet Charter Flights empty legs are becoming less and less common. With private jet charter flights demand at an all-time high, owners do not have to discount empty legs in order to sell them. They know they can sell their empty legs without discounting them. Many seasoned private jet charter flights clientele, who are used to getting great deals on their one-way flight itineraries, are struggling to accept the current market.

Private Jet Charter Flights: How to navigate the market

We understand your frustration; we are also frustrated. We are working hard to help you navigate these unprecedented times. We are not only watching the private jet charter flights market, but we are carefully analyzing data and flight statistics to continue to offer our clients the best, most cost-effective, options for all of your private jet charter flights.

Can I book a private jet charter flight one-way?

Yes, and the goal is to match your one-way flight up to an available empty leg.

How do I get the best one-way pricing?

To achieve ideal one-way pricing, it helps to be traveling among popular routes for private jet charter flights. For instance, one ways between Los Angeles and New York are very common. Another popular route is between New York and Miami. Do you see the trend? Major cities with high volume travel. We also subscribe to multiple intra-industry sourcing platforms where we regularly review industry-wide empty leg availability. We have also developed internal processes to help us utilize this data to obtain the most ideal pricing for each of your unique private jet charter flights.

How much does a private jet charter flight cost?

You can expect to pay between $4,000 and $15,000 per flight hour for a private jet charter flight. It is important to also understand that, in addition to this per flight hour cost, additional expenses are incurred. These additional expense may include flight minimums (most owners require two hours of flight time, minimum billing, per day his/her plane is being occupied), pilot fees, landing fees, fuel surcharges, etc…

Do I hire my own charter flight crew?

private jet charter flights
Private Jet Charter Flights Crew

When you charter a private jet flight, the flight crew is included; however, there may be fees included in the cost of your flight for the crew members’ overnight fees and incidentals. Additionally, because all planes do not come standard with a cabin attendant (typically only heavy jets and ultra long-range jets) you may see an additional fee for your cabin attendant. Sometimes passengers request to not have a cabin attendant; however, it is not uncommon that owners will require them on larger jets that accommodate larger groups.

What about semi private flights?

Semi private flights are, in our opinion, a marketing gimmick. Either a flight is private or you are flying with strangers and it is not private; there is no in-between. The flights that some people refer to as semi-private tend to be non-private flights that board like a private flight; that’s really as close as it gets.

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