Private Jet Charter to Tahiti

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How about a private jet charter to Tahiti? Tahiti is an amazing place to visit with crystal clear waters and a culture that is rich in history! Tahiti is a portion of the French Polynesian collection of 118 islands in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

Private Jet Charter Tahiti

From the legends of gods and warriors to ancient traditions and skills of artistry passed on through the generations to song and dance, the cultural experiences in Tahiti are as plentiful as the sand, beaches, waterfalls, and activities!

Some of the most common family time includes water. It doesn’t matter if it is waterfalls, swimming pools, beaches, or the bath tub… water is Tahiti! Picnics, hiking, boating, tours, snorkeling, diving, art, history, exploration, music, sport, dance, and OF COURSE destination weddings and honeymoons in Tahiti are as romantic as they come! There is just something special about the serene and peaceful atmosphere of Tahiti that makes for a loving union and how better to get there than a luxurious private jet!

Private Islands go perfectly with private jets when visiting Tahiti! There are small properties that are actually better referred to as small private resorts because they include a dedicated staff, water and land activities, and often include all meals prepared by your own chef.

Private bungalows over water! Oh those private bungalows that are like a private peer in the middle of an ocean turned into the house that you wish you could live in forever (and of course not have to work). OH! YES! Like this one:

Private Jet to Bora Bora Sofitel – Bora, Bora

We cannot forget about the open markets and the guided safari visits outside of Papeete. There is so much to do! So much fun to be had! You deserve it! Call or email Exquisite Air Charter for a free, no-obligation, quote on a gorgeous private jet from the airport nearest you to the Papeete in Tahiti.

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Airport Information
 City: Papeete (tahiti Is.)  Country: French Polynesia
 Airport Code: NTAA  Alt Airport Code: N/A
 Latitude: -17.550000  Longitude: -149.600000
 Runway Length: 11360  Runway Elevation: 5
 GMT Offset: -10


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