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The following was originally posted to our Facebook wall but we felt it was worth sharing on our blog as well!

We are re-posting this from our friend Henry Lopez. The following words were included in his original post and we think it is so important to share. The aviation community is part of who we find this important for but our passengers are the real reason we are posting it. Sometimes not making a fuel stop saves a few dollars and a little time but is it really worth it? As the owner and founder of Exquisite Air Charter I have made the executive decision to pass on trips like these if the passenger is arguing that another company can do the trip non-stop and/or for less money. I’ve taken the position that “not all money is good money” and we ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT compromise on what we feel is safe. Revenue will never be the sole factor behind our decision making and sometimes it stings to pass on a good trip but we will not put our passengers in a risky situation. At the end of the day, the RIGHT passengers will respect our way of doing business and I have faith that our business will thrive as a result.

As written by Henry Lopez:
Another case of….. just because the airplane can do it, doesn’t mean that it’s the smartest thing to do. Ever since my private pilot days I have taken an interest in Aviation Safety and Human Factors. The picture below is of a GIV’s flight (not mine nor anyone that I CURRENTLY work with). 8 hours and 50 minutes is not bad for a GIV. Weather and runway conditions have to be just right. However this flight was from the West Coast of Africa to Bermuda. Yes that’s right, a little island in the Atlantic with only one runway. On a good day these “aviators” would have landed with roughly 3500lbs of fuel (Nevermind the fact that they could only load 500-600lbs of pax/cargo on this flight. This would equate to about 3 passengers. Not the case on this flight). The nearest alternate is 592 miles away requiring a 4688lb burn and 1:25 to get there. Math has never been my favorite subject but faced with a possible diversion due to weather or a disabled aircraft on the runway, these boys are gonna get wet.

Sad thing is that the “PIC” added this to his list of things the airplane can do and will most likely do it again and the “SIC” is only learning from this example.

Things like this really get my blood boiling. Speak up people! Fuel starvation and poor decision making does not discriminate between 91 and 135. If you need a fuel stop GET ONE! If a 1 stop trip turns into 2 stops then DO IT!

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