The Learjet 85 flies!!!

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learjet 85
The up and coming Learjet 85 featured. This mid-sized jet is highly anticipated in the private jet charter world to be one of the most sought after charter aircraft.


After several set-backs resulting from flight test delays, weather delays, and other mishaps, the Lear 85 (the ALL COMPOSITE Lear 85) flies!!!

Interior Learjet 85
The Learjet 85 interior is sleek and glamorous. This aircraft is predicted to be one of the most sought after charter aircraft in the mid-sized class of private jets.


Currently, Bombardier is calling their Learjet 85 “Flight Test Vehicle One (FTV1)” and it successfully completed its first test flight on April 9th. The new, mid-sized, aircraft is an all-composite twin-engine jet. The aircraft lifted from Wichita Airport at 8:19 AM Central time. The test flight lasted approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. At the controls were Bombardier’s Flight Test Center chief flight-test pilot, Mr. Ed Grabman and his co-pilot was Jim Dwyer. Also on board was flight-test engineer Nick Weyers who monitored data during the flight. During the test flight they reached an altitude of 30,000 feet at a speed of 250 knots. Upon completion of the first test flight the crew reported that all controls were utilized and the test flight went as anticipated.

Interior Learjet 85 2
The galley of the lear 85 is sleek and modern – yet another reason this will be a highly popular private jet charter aircraft!


This is a superb accomplishment for the team. Performance was good! Considering that the test flight occurred four months behind schedule, the release date of the aircraft is now pending. It was originally set to release sometime around the middle of this; however, the certifying process has not yet begun and rumors say it can take as long as two years… our fingers are crossed that it won’t take quite so long and that the aircraft will hit the market at some point during 2015!

Cockpit Learjet 85
The sleek cockpit of the Lear 85 is equipped with all the latest and greatest avionics; destined to be a quite popular charter aircraft in the private jet charter industry.


View full aircraft specs at:

Lear 85 Composite
Lear 85 specs on the all-composite aircraft. The learjet 85 will be a modern all-composite private jet for aircraft charter upon its release.


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