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Private Jet Safety

At Exquisite Air Charter, the safety of our passengers is our greatest concern; whenever you fly, wherever you fly, each and every time you fly!


Exquisite Air Charter's team of professionals have access to a complete database of thousands of audited operators, thousands of the most qualified pilots around the world and the most airworthy aircraft available for charter. Prior to each and every flight, we run a report from one of the two leading independent aviation auditing firms that have set the standards in aviation safety auditing! The detailed private plane safety information is provided by these firms to allow us to match the most perfectly suited aircraft to each of our valued clients.


The audits provided by these firms emphasize on the age of the aircraft, progressive maintenance, modern avionics, proven safety devices and pilot training and experience.


In addition to the standards set forth by these firms, Exquisite Air Charter has even more stringent standards which include:

Pilots are required to have a current medical card provided by an FAA approved medical examiner.

Pilots must have current flight safety training.

Pilots must have attended a recurrent ground simulator training for this particular aircraft within the past 12 months.

Aircraft must have all inspection up to date and performed at an FAA approved facility.

Aircraft must have been recently refurbished (newly painted on the exterior and refurbished interior).

Aircraft are required to carry a minimum of $50million in liability insurance and our passengers and the companies we represent shall be named as additionally insured.


In addition to the comfort of knowing that you are flying with a company who puts your safety at our highest regard, your experience will be enhanced by our impeccable service. Our charter specialists ensure that no detail is overlooked! From entertainment to flight phones, from gourmet catering and wine to the smallest of details - we guarantee the luxurious experience you should expect when flying on private aircraft!


We guarantee you world-class service you deserve!