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Private Jet Charter Teterboro Airport flights are one of the best airports available to private jets. As early as 1919, Teterboro was servicing Fokker. Later, in 1926, Colonial Air Transport became the first private company delivering mail and… you guessed it! They were at Teterboro! In 1949, Teterboro was purchased by the Port Authority and subsequently leased to Pan Am World Airways. That lease lasted approximately 30 years but was eventually turned back over to Port Authority. Since re-establishing full responsibility for the airport in 2000, Port authority has spent nearly $175 million in renovations, upgrades, and expansions and it now serves as a relief airport to the New York area. Most importantly, unless you have a connecting flight out of JFK or La Guardia… Teterboro will typically be the most convenient airport available when flying into the New York area. In fact, Teterboro is home to nearly 50 large cabin aircraft – including Gulfstreams, Challengers, Global Expresses, and Falcons that are available for private jet charter. Naturally, people come and go frequently within the New York area but it might still be surprising that approximately a quarter of a million private jet charter flights begin or end at Teterboro on an annual basis. Why? Convenience! Teterboro airport is easily and conveniently accessible to and from the city of New York by way of the George Washington Bridge. The fees at Teterboro are low in comparison with JFK and La Guardia (we think those two raised their prices to keep us private jet lovers out of there so because they are already overwhelmed by the commercial carriers – wink! wink!).

Private Jet Charter Teterboro

One of the world’s busiest private jet airports

We look forward to assisting you with your next aircraft charter flight to the New York area by way of a private jet at Teterboro airport.

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