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Most Requested

Private Jet Charters

While most of us have heard of some of the more media-friendly private jets, you would probably be pleasantly surprised to learn of some of the most favored private jet charters; particularly, those favorite private jets of those of us most familiar with the wide array of private jets on the market that are available for private jet charters.


When it comes to the turbo prop class of private aircraft, the various King Air options are probably the most well-known; however, the Pilatus PC-12 now distinguishes itself as the, hands down, leader of class among turbo props. No other turbo prop has ever come as close to comparing to a jet as the Pilatus PC-12. The cabin is large and comfortable with a much quieter ride due to the location of the engine – in the front. Despite the amazing comforts now available in this class from the Pilatus PC-12, it is still cost-effective to operate, as it is a single engine aircraft. If you prefer a twin-engine option; however, it might be best to opt for one of the King Air options with twin engines – such as the King Air 200 or King Air 350.

Very Light Jets:

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Light Jets:

The light jet category might just call for a tie. We love the range and performance of the Citation Ultra (plus the amazing storage capacity) but, at the same time, we also love that the Hawker 400XP has the largest, most comfortable cabin in this category.

Mid-Sized Jets:

The Hawker 800A and 800XP have led the mid-sized jet category for quite some time. There was certainly a time when Lear Jets reigned but for probably, at least, the last ten years, the Hawker 800 series has worn the crown. Not just is this the most requested mid-sized jet, it is also the best combination of the factors that matter most: range, speed, and cabin comfort.

Super Mid-Sized Jets:

Early on the Citation X was the plane of choice in the super mid category. People couldn’t seem to get over the speed; however, the truth of the matter is the speed doesn’t make that much of a difference on most itineraries for the Citation X to continue to dominate the super mid-sized jets. The Challenger 300, and more recently the Challenger 350, offer a superb flying experience. In our honest opinion, Bombardier Challengers have never received the attention they deserve. Their wider bodies, compared to most comparable aircraft, afford passengers with a more spacious feel; even when cubic feet is the same or comparable – and even sometimes when the cabin’s cubic feet is slightly less. Let’s be truthful, what feels more spacious… when there is plenty of room beside us or when there is plenty of room behind us. Unless you have eyes in the back of your head, you’d probably be a fan of Challengers. The Citation X does have 8 individual captain’s chairs (most standard configurations); however, if you aren’t filling the aircraft to capacity, this probably isn’t your biggest concern.

Heavy Jets:

It is difficult to compete with the media attention given to Gulfstream jets; however, they simply do not beat out the Challenger 604s and Challenger 605s. Certainly, the Gulfstream G-IV is, hands-down, the most requested heavy (large cabin) jet but we really don’t think that would be the case if rappers, singers, and television shows didn’t seem to favor this option. Sure! Many people boast the stand-up cabin, over-sized captain’s chairs, and 3 person divan that converts into a nice-sized bed for those long, international, itineraries – especially since the G-IV has the range to fly non-stop from New York to France. Nonetheless, the Challengers just offer a spacious feeling that will win us over 9 times out of 10. Did I mention the Challengers tend to be a little more cost-effective too?

Why we like Challengers over Gulfstreams

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In conclusion, if you aren’t afraid to think outside the box and steer away from what the media focuses on, we can help you discover some of the under-praised private jets, on a mission by mission basis, that are sure to become your new private jet of choice. The icing on the cake? We can probably even save you a few dollars in the process. At the end of the day, our goal is to offer our professionalism and experience to help you realize the most value for your dollars when flying by private jet.

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