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Light Jets listed here are operated by FAA Certified Part 135 Air Charter Carriers that meet both FAA requirements and additional Exquisite Air Charter standards. You may click on any of the following aircraft to be taken to a page specific to that aircraft which includes aircraft photos and details specific to that particular make and model. Please contact a charter sales coordinator at (888) EAC-JETS or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information or to request a quote.

  Light Jets  

Beechjet 400A

Beechjet 400A EXT

Citation Bravo

Citation Bravo EXT

Citation I

Citation I EXT

Citation II

Citation II EXT

Citation Jet 1

Citation Jet 1 EXT

Citation Jet 2Citation Jet 3Citation S-IICitation UltraCitation V
Citation V EncoreDiamond 1AFalcon 10Hawker 400XPLearjet 31
Learjet 35Learjet 40Sabre 80Westwind IWestwind II