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The up-and-coming Cessna Citation Latitude prototype has currently logged approximately 65 hours during 30 test flights. The first flight was February 18, 2014 and this twin-engine private jet aircraft has explored its full performance capabilities with logs showing it has reached a maximum speed of 440 knots with a ceiling of 45,000 feet.

Cessna Citation Latitude 1

Currently a second Latitude Private Jet is being prepared for flight in coming weeks.

This new twin-jet aircraft includes a new and larger fuselage. It has the wings, tail, and systems of the citation sovereign. Additionally, the new fuselage of the Latitude proudly includes the widest cabin of any Citation-made aircraft.

Cessna Citation Latitude 2

As for avionics the new Latitude features Garmin G 5000 avionics, an electronically operated door, and auto-throttle. Cessna expects FAA certification of the Latitude in next year (the second quarter of 2015). The new jet is expected to cost 14.9 million and is intended to fill the gap between the Citation XLS and Sovereign.

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