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Exquisite Air Charter is pleased to announce our all new corporate jet card for frequent travelers. With our charter card you maintain the flexibility of choosing the aircraft that best suits your flights on a trip by trip basis. Exquisite Air Charter jet card holders are guaranteed to receive priority treatmentand are never subject to black-out dates. Our program is hassle-free; customized for each of our individual clients' needs. You'll never have to face the hassles of fractional ownership or inflated hourly rates associated with block time agreements. You simply have the convenience of deposited funds to ensure the quickest, most convenient booking of charter flights. With the help of an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team like Exquisite Air Charter's, the process of chartering an aircraft will be as simple as choosing your departure city, destination and when you want to fly.

How It Works

As an Exquisite Air Charter account holder, with funds available, you are able to book last minute charter flights quickly and easily. There is never a need to secure payment from a credit card or pay additional administrative fees imposed by credit card companies.


Unlike fractional ownership and most jet cards, you choose the aircraft that suits your itinerary and passenger count each time you fly.


The deposited funds are yours; if you decide you want to close your account, your remaining balance will be wired back to you no later than the following business day. With Exquisite Air Charter there is never a 'use it or lose it' provision. You may keep your money on deposit for as long as you wish with no penalties.


Your account representative is like your own personal flight department. Your representative is trained to anticipate your needs, learn your preferences and familiarize themselves with your guests and their preferences as well. If you typically request a copy of Kiplinger's on board and forget to request it - your account manager will automatically place it on board; providing you the customized attention to detail that you deserve.

How To Get Started

Call (888) EAC-JETS or e-mail an account representative today. Your representative will assist you in analyzing your travel needs and together you will decide on the most appropriate initial deposit for you. Upon depositing funds into your account, you will receive monthly account statements. You can choose to receive your statements by mail, e-mail or fax.