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Gulfstream G650 Private Jet Charter Flights

The Gulfstream G650 is a large-cabin, luxurious, business jet produced by Gulfstream Aerospace. It has a range of 7,000 nautical miles and can fly up to 51,000 feet. It is powered by Rolls-Royce BR725 engines, which provide excellent performance and fuel efficiency. The Gulfstream G650 features a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to 19 passengers and boasts advanced systems and technologies that make it one of the most advanced private jets in the world.

Gulfstream G650 Aircraft Information

Average Passenger Capacity: 14Lavatory Style: Fully Enclosed
Cruise Speed: 652 MPHRange: 7,000 NM
Cabin Width: 8 feet 2 inchesCabin Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Cabin Length: 46 feet 10 inchesManufacturer: Gulfstream
Aircraft Class: Ultra Long Range JetsAverage Rate/Flight Hour: $11,000

Gulfstream G650 Pictured

Gulfstream G650 Exterior

Gulfstream G650 Interior

Gulfstream G650 Layout

Gulfstream G650 Private Jet Price

Gulfstream G650 Price New: How much does a new Gulfstream G650 cost?

A new Gulfstream G650 is approximately $70 million USD. However, this cost can vary depending on customization options.

How much does a Gulfstream G650 cost to charter?

The cost to charter a Gulfstream G650 private jet can vary greatly depending on factors such as the amount of flight time, as the baseline charter cost of private airplanes is calculated per flight hour. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7,500 to $15,000 per flight hour.

How much does a pre-owned Gulfstream G650 cost?

Pre-Owned Gulfstream G650 model typically range from $45M to $55M depending on their age and condition.

Gulfstream G650 Jet Specifications

Gulfstream G650 Interior

While the maximum seating is 19 passengers, the average seating capacity is 14 passengers, based on a variety of seating configurations. The cabin is also equipped with large flat-screen TVs, satellite communications, and high-speed Wi-Fi. The cabin height is 6 feet, 3 inches. The cabin width is 8 feet, 2 inches. The cabin length (excluding baggage storage) is 46 feet, 10 inches.

Gulfstream G650 Exterior

The Gulfstream G650 has a sleek and elegant exterior to compliment its state of the art interior. The design is both functional and aesthetically appealing with large windows to enjoy natural cabin light during day flights. The exterior height is 25 feet, 8 inches. The exterior length is 99 feet, 9 inches. The overall wingspan is 99 feet, 7 inches. The Gulfstream G650 also has a baggage compartment volume of 195 cubic feet.

Gulfstream G650 Performance

The G650 is equipped with powerful engines that allow it to reach speeds up to Mach 0.925. It is one of the fastest private jets on the market. The Gulfstream G650 also boasts a high-speed cruise speed of Mach 0.90 and a long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.85

Gulfstream G650 Range

How far can a Gulfstream G650 fly? The Gulfstream 650 has a range of 7,000 NM. It can fly non-stop from New York to Tokyo or London to Singapore.

Gulfstream G650 Cost of Ownership

In addition to the purchase price of a Gulfstream G650, potential owners should be prepared to pay for maintenance, fuel, insurance, crew salaries, landing, parking, permits, and more. According to Gulfstream, the total annual operating cost, based on usage of 400 flight hours per year, would cost $3.3M per year or about $8,370 per flight hour.

Charter a Gulfstream G650

Choosing a Gulfstream G650 for your next charter flight is an excellent choice. You will certainly travel in style, quickly, and comfortably. Exquisite Air Charter offers all the amenities you could hope for when chartering a private jet such as the Gulfstream 650. Please discuss the options you prefer with your charter coordinator, as we strive to accommodate any and all requests possible.

Gulfstream G650

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