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Global Express

The Global Express was developed for a perceived increase in ultra long range business jet demands. It was first flown in 1996 with its first delivery being in 1999. The Global Express is recognizable by the winglets on its low/swept wing and its swept T-tail with swept horizontal stabilizer. It has two rear fuselage mounted engines, and 13 cabin windows on each side. Piloted by a crew of 2, the Global Express can hold up to 19 passengers. The Global Express cruises at speeds up to 505 knots and can have a range up to 6700 nautical miles.




Global Express


Ultra Long-Range Jet

More About Global Express

When Bombardier unveiled the Global Express in December 1993, it became the greatest competitor for Gulfstream (specifically, the GV) in the ultra long-range private jet category. Bombardier officials bragged that the aircraft's extremely slender 91,000-lb maximum take-off weight (MTOW), 41,500-lb fuel capacity, and 46,500-lb basic operating weight (BOW) would afford it the ability to outperform Gulfstream's GV in speed, range, and efficiency. Bombardier estimated that the Global Express would travel 6,500 miles at Mach 0.85.

The Global's weight increased throughout construction, and after it was finished, consumers added extras. The maximum take-off weight (MTOW) had to be increased from 91,000 lb to 93,500 lb since the empty aircraft weight rose. Bombardier created a series of optional weight increase service bulletins to make up for this, increasing the weight multiple times until the landing weight reached 99,500 lb. The increase in weight also increased the required runway lengths, less impressive climb performance, lower initial cruise altitudes, and reduced range.

The airplane still has an intercontinental range. The Global Express can, according to its operators, fly for 11 hours at Mach 0.85 or 5,300 nm. If the weather at the destination is favorable and there are numerous acceptable alternate airports, they will extend missions to 12 hours or 5,800 miles.

Global Express Accommodations

Typical Seating


Maximum Seating


Flight Crew


Cabin Attendant




Global Express Prices

Average Hourly Charter Rate


Average New Purchase Price

Production Ended in 2006

Average Used Purchase Price


global express seating configuration


5,940 Nautical Miles

Cruise Speed

505 ktas

Landing Distance

Minimum Landing Distance: 5,640 feet

Global Express Exterior

Global Express

U.S. Customary Units




Wing Span

Baggage Capacity

Global Express Interior

Gulfstream G650 Interior

U.S. Customary Units


Cabin Length

48 feet

15 meters

Cabin Height

6 feet 

2 meters

Cabin Width

8 feet 2 inches

2 meters

Cabin Area

2,002 cubic feet

60.54 cubic meters

Sample Routes

The following flight routes are examples of ideal private jet charter flight routes for the Global Express


Los Angeles

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Los Angeles




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Turks & Caicos



San Francisco

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Global Express: Additional Information

The minimum maintenance intervals are 15 months and 750 hours. At 120 months, a landing gear overhaul is required. If the airplane is enrolled in Smart Parts, the cost is roughly $280,000. During the 120-month examination, be on the lookout for corrosion. From $500,000 to $1.5 million can be spent on repairs. As mentioned above, the Global Express aircraft's major rival is the Gulfstream GV. Despite having a smaller cabin, a harsher ride, and slower cruise speeds, it is equally priced and provides more range, higher cruise altitudes, and better fuel efficiency.

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