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Falcon 900B

Aircraft Information
Average Passenger Capacity: 13Lavatory Style: Full
Airspeed (mph): 492Range: 3752
Cabin Width: 7.7Cabin Height: 6.2
Cabin Length: 39
Falcon 900B Pictured
 Falcon 900B EXT Falcon 900B INT
Falcon 900B FP 
The early 90’s saw the standard production model of the Falcon 900 shift to the Falcon 900B model. This successor to the original 900 was identical cosmetically, but had an upgrade of engines giving it an increase in power and range. This allowed the B model to take of on shorter airstrips. The 900B has a low/swept wing and three very noticeable rear fuselage mounted engines. Each side of the fuselage has 12 cabin windows. The tail has the recognizable number two engine at its base, swept tailfin and mid-mounted swept tailplane. It holds a crew of two and up to 19 passengers. The 900B can cruise up to 500 knots and has a range of up to 4,400 nautical miles.