Airport Information  City: Poprad  Country: Slovakia Republic  Airport Code: LZTT  Alt Airport Code: N/A  Latitude: 49.070000  Longitude: 20.240000  Runway Length: 8531  Runway Elevation: 2356  GMT Offset: 1


 Airport Information  City: Trencin  Country: Slovakia Republic  Airport Code: LZTN  Alt Airport Code: N/A  Latitude: 48.860000  Longitude: 17.990000  Runway Length: 6562  Runway Elevation: 676  GMT Offset: 1


 Airport Information  City: Zilina  Country: Slovakia Republic  Airport Code: LZZI  Alt Airport Code: N/A  Latitude: 49.230000  Longitude: 18.610000  Runway Length: 3773  Runway Elevation: 1020  GMT Offset: 1

Kosice International Airport

Košice Airport Košice Airport in Košice Slovakia Republic is the second largest airport in Košice. This airport is an airport of entry with customs available to private jet charter flights and luxury private …


 Airport Information  City: Bratislava  Country: Slovakia Republic  Airport Code: LZIB  Alt Airport Code: N/A  Latitude: 48.170000  Longitude: 17.210000  Runway Length: 10466  Runway Elevation: 436  GMT Offset: 1


 Airport Information  City: Malacky  Country: Slovakia Republic  Airport Code: LZMC  Alt Airport Code: N/A  Latitude: 48.400000  Longitude: 17.110000  Runway Length: 8158  Runway Elevation: 679  GMT Offset: 1


 Airport Information  City: Piestany  Country: Slovakia Republic  Airport Code: LZPP  Alt Airport Code: N/A  Latitude: 48.620000  Longitude: 17.820000  Runway Length: 6562  Runway Elevation: 545  GMT Offset: 1


 Airport Information  City: Sliac  Country: Slovakia Republic  Airport Code: LZSL  Alt Airport Code: N/A  Latitude: 48.630000  Longitude: 19.130000  Runway Length: 7678  Runway Elevation: 1043  GMT Offset: 1