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Citation X

Aircraft Information
Average Passenger Capacity: 8 Lavatory Style: Full
Airspeed (mph): 530 Range: 3608
Cabin Width: 5.6 Cabin Height: 5.7
Cabin Length: 23.7
Citation X Pictured
Citation X EXT  Citation X INTCitation X FP 
The largest and fastest of the Cessna business jet fleet, the Citation X was first delivered in July of 1996. The aircraft features a low/swept wing with twin Rolls Royce turbofan engines mounted high on the rear fuselage. The Citation X has a highly swept T-tail and tailplane. Each side of the fuselage has 7 cabin windows, while the cabin itself holds up to 12 passengers and a flight crew of two. It has a cruise speed of 521 knots and a range of 3,430 nautical miles.

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