Why do YOU celebrate New Year’s (Eve)?

Happy New Year 2016
Happy New Year

I say football… The Rose Bowl! More seriously (I think!), what is so incredibly different between a day changing at one second past midnight from December 31st to January 1st versus the day changing at one second past midnight on any other day? Is it all about new beginnings? Reflection? or merely a new calendar? What is so different between a universal new year and each of our own new year (AKA our birthday)?

This ubiquitous behavior must be tied to something that is profoundly more meaningful than the mere symbolism by which we keep chronological score of our lives, as most of us fail at our  resolutions – living healthier, better, longer, and skinnier lives with more money in our designer purses (or pockets).

Why do YOU celebrate New Year’s (Eve)?

The reality… nothing changes on New Year’s Day… except our calendar! Nonetheless, we are fascinated by the fireworks that seem to be a prerequisite of good luck rituals, resolutions, and other celebratory behaviors that give us hope of a brighter future.

Perhaps the most significant (in my opinion) aspect of New Year’s traditions is the reflection, hope, and good intentions that fill our hearts, minds, and even our souls.

 We do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience!

-John Dewey

 So, as you bring in the New Year, Exquisite Air Charter’s wish for you is that you reflect on your life and the lessons that have presented themselves to you and make one of your resolutions to be more present during the experiences that have the power to fuel your growth. I wish you the ability to be more positive along your journey so that you can find the blessings in every lesson – learn to replace thoughts like, “why did this happen to me?” with thoughts like, “what opportunities might come from me not getting what I wanted!”

Life is what you make it so let’s choose to make it a happy one!


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