Jet Charter Cards… A RIP OFF!!!

Jet Charter Cards… A RIP OFF!!!

I receive daily alerts for all things private jet charter related and just finished reading an article about a well-known jet charter / fractional operator who offers members a flat rate amount of $8500 per hour which includes all fees, taxes, and fuel. Ironically, I just got a quote 3 days ago for a trip from Van Nuys, California to Teterboro, NJ from this same operator. My customer’s flight is a one-way flight AND KEEP IN MIND A LOT OF THESE PROGRAMS SELL THEIR PROGRAMS BASED ON ONE-WAY ITINERARIES! These companies swear by not having to pay round-trip pricing for your one-way flights.

Let me explain what a rip-off jet charter cards truly are. My flight quote obtain from this carrier was for $21,000 even and based on 5.25 hours of flight time (according to their quote). As an aircraft charter broker, my quotes are sent net/net – meaning that they don’t include Federal Excise Taxes, my commission, passenger segment fees, etc… This particular aircraft seats 8 passengers and my “all-in” price to my customer would be $23,281.85. If you break that down to an “all-in” hourly rate… $23,281.85 divided by 5.25 flight hours, that becomes $4,434.64 hourly. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND HOW THESE PROGRAMS EVEN SELL? $4,434.64 PER HOUR VS. $8,500.00 PER HOUR??? This is not rocket science!

Let’s consider customer service… Exquisite Air Charter guarantees we rank better than most! We are a boutique charter brokerage firm who gets to know each and every customer and their needs/likes personally. How can a huge company compete with that? We know the industry like the backs of our hands – those big companies hire people and attempt to train them to do something ( A JOB TO THAT PERSON) that we are passionate about. Life never ceases to amaze me… someone (ANYONE) is willing to waste an extra $4,065 per hour (or in this case more than $21,000 extra) to get less quality customer service than what we provide.

Jet Charter Cards… sometimes you just have to laugh! That’s all you can do!!!

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