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Did you know that the Citation X Is the world’s fastest production civil aircraft? Once upon a time there were plenty of jokes about the “slow-tation” Cessna but not anymore. The Citation X was originally announced at the 1990 NBAA (National Business Administration Association) convention. The CE 750 (Citation X) was announced with the ability to cruise as fast as Mach 0.90 (basically it could fly 6 passengers from New York to LA in about 4.5 hours).

Many aircraft charter customers have stated that they love the Citation X’s look as much as they love the performance after deliveries began in January of 1997. In 15 years of production total deliveries have not met expectations. Some customers have expressed concern regarding the lean cabin cross-section that is shared with the Citation III, VI, VII, XLS, and Sovereign and that the aircraft is narrower than some comparable aircraft; however, the cabin’s double club main seating section is 19.7 feet long.

The Citation X is equipped with both slats and flaps and has amazing runway performance; something that customers who travel in and out of airports with compromising weather and runway issues are thankful for. The Citation X is also equipped with the Primus 2000 avionics suite including five CRTs up front and is offered a $600,000 Primus Elite upgrade that will prepare the aircraft for FAA’s NexGen. The aircraft is priced between $12-15 million and not usually much more. The Hawker 800XP and 900XP are big competitors because of their wider cabin cross sections. Super-mids (such as the Hawker 4000, Gulfstream G200, and the Challenger 300) also compete but have larger cabins and better range but if you have a need for speed then you’d certainly enjoy chartering a Citation X aircraft.

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    Thanks for sharing this great information.Yes Citation X Aircraft Charter is a very awesome aircraft.

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      Typically 9 but sometimes 10 (particularly if you use the belted potty seat as the 10th seat).

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