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The up-and-coming Cessna Citation Latitude prototype has currently logged approximately 65 hours during 30 test flights. The first flight was February 18, 2014 and this twin-engine private jet aircraft has explored its full performance capabilities with logs showing it has reached a maximum speed of 440 knots with a ceiling of 45,000 feet.

Cessna Citation Latitude 1

Currently a second Latitude Private Jet is being prepared for flight in coming weeks.

This new twin-jet aircraft includes a new and larger fuselage. It has the wings, tail, and systems of the citation sovereign. Additionally, the new fuselage of the Latitude proudly includes the widest cabin of any Citation-made aircraft.

Cessna Citation Latitude 2

As for avionics the new Latitude features Garmin G 5000 avionics, an electronically operated door, and auto-throttle. Cessna expects FAA certification of the Latitude in next year (the second quarter of 2015). The new jet is expected to cost 14.9 million and is intended to fill the gap between the Citation XLS and Sovereign.

Exquisite Air Charter quote

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learjet 85

The up and coming Learjet 85 featured. This mid-sized jet is highly anticipated in the private jet charter world to be one of the most sought after charter aircraft.


After several set-backs resulting from flight test delays, weather delays, and other mishaps, the Lear 85 (the ALL COMPOSITE Lear 85) flies!!!

Interior Learjet 85

The Learjet 85 interior is sleek and glamorous. This aircraft is predicted to be one of the most sought after charter aircraft in the mid-sized class of private jets.


Currently, Bombardier is calling their Learjet 85 “Flight Test Vehicle One (FTV1)” and it successfully completed its first test flight on April 9th. The new, mid-sized, aircraft is an all-composite twin-engine jet. The aircraft lifted from Wichita Airport at 8:19 AM Central time. The test flight lasted approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. At the controls were Bombardier’s Flight Test Center chief flight-test pilot, Mr. Ed Grabman and his co-pilot was Jim Dwyer. Also on board was flight-test engineer Nick Weyers who monitored data during the flight. During the test flight they reached an altitude of 30,000 feet at a speed of 250 knots. Upon completion of the first test flight the crew reported that all controls were utilized and the test flight went as anticipated.

Interior Learjet 85 2

The galley of the lear 85 is sleek and modern – yet another reason this will be a highly popular private jet charter aircraft!


This is a superb accomplishment for the team. Performance was good! Considering that the test flight occurred four months behind schedule, the release date of the aircraft is now pending. It was originally set to release sometime around the middle of this; however, the certifying process has not yet begun and rumors say it can take as long as two years… our fingers are crossed that it won’t take quite so long and that the aircraft will hit the market at some point during 2015!

Cockpit Learjet 85

The sleek cockpit of the Lear 85 is equipped with all the latest and greatest avionics; destined to be a quite popular charter aircraft in the private jet charter industry.


View full aircraft specs at: http://www.flightglobal.com/assets/getasset.aspx?ItemID=31214

Lear 85 Composite

Lear 85 specs on the all-composite aircraft. The learjet 85 will be a modern all-composite private jet for aircraft charter upon its release.


Maeva! (Welcome!) ~

How about a private jet charter to Tahiti? Tahiti is an amazing place to visit with crystal clear waters and a culture that is rich in history! Tahiti is a portion of the French Polynesian collection of 118 islands in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

Private Jet Charter Tahiti

From the legends of gods and warriors to ancient traditions and skills of artistry passed on through the generations to song and dance, the cultural experiences in Tahiti are as plentiful as the sand, beaches, waterfalls, and activities!

Some of the most common family time includes water. It doesn’t matter if it is waterfalls, swimming pools, beaches, or the bath tub… water is Tahiti! Picnics, hiking, boating, tours, snorkeling, diving, art, history, exploration, music, sport, dance, and OF COURSE destination weddings and honeymoons in Tahiti are as romantic as they come! There is just something special about the serene and peaceful atmosphere of Tahiti that makes for a loving union and how better to get there than a luxurious private jet!

Private Islands go perfectly with private jets when visiting Tahiti! There are small properties that are actually better referred to as small private resorts because they include a dedicated staff, water and land activities, and often include all meals prepared by your own chef.

Private bungalows over water! Oh those private bungalows that are like a private peer in the middle of an ocean turned into the house that you wish you could live in forever (and of course not have to work). OH! YES! Like this one:

Private Jet to Bora Bora Sofitel – Bora, Bora

We cannot forget about the open markets and the guided safari visits outside of Papeete. There is so much to do! So much fun to be had! You deserve it! Call or email Exquisite Air Charter for a free, no-obligation, quote on a gorgeous private jet from the airport nearest you to the Papeete in Tahiti.

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Airport Information
 City: Papeete (tahiti Is.)  Country: French Polynesia
 Airport Code: NTAA  Alt Airport Code: N/A
 Latitude: -17.550000  Longitude: -149.600000
 Runway Length: 11360  Runway Elevation: 5
 GMT Offset: -10



Private Jet Charter San Francisco

San Francisco seems to be an ever-increasing preferred location for private jet charter travelers to visit. To better assist our customers in navigating some of the current hot spots, we decided to do some research and ask current customers their opinions . We’ve narrowed down some of the greatest luxury hot spots that private jet charter travelers prefer in San Francisco.

First and foremost, let’s talk about hotels… Because a good number of our customers tend to visit San Francisco on business, we seem to have a consensus that one of the favorite hotels is the St. Regis San Francisco in the financial district!

We gotta eat!! So where? Rumor has it a great breakfast/brunch can be found at the Lazy Bear. While not cheap, nor is the food! In fact, it is quite exceptional… exactly what you’d expect the discerning private jet traveler to eat while in San Francisco, at home, or anywhere else!

What about dinner… not only does Old Skool Cafe serve amazing food, specializing in soul food, but it is run by at-risk youth who are learning some great skills in the restaurant industry and it is keeping them focused and off of the streets. We opted to happily patronize this restaurant because we believe in what they are doing and want them to succeed in continuing to make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth in San Francisco!

San Francisco area airports:

Most people are quite familiar with San Francisco International Airport:

San Francisco International Airport Information
 City: San Francisco  State: California (CA)
 Airport Code: SFO  Alt Airport Code: KSFO
 Latitude: 37.610000  Longitude: -122.370000
 Runway Length: 11870  Runway Elevation: 13
 Time Zone: Pacific  GMT Offset: -8


However, this airport is quite expensive to fly into and not the preferred airport. Metropolitan Oakland International tends to more convenient and more cost effective in most instances.

Metropolitan Oakland International Airport Information
 City: Oakland  State: California (CA)
 Airport Code: OAK  Alt Airport Code: KOAK
 Latitude: 37.720000  Longitude: -122.220000
 Runway Length: 10000  Runway Elevation: 6
 Time Zone: Pacific  GMT Offset: -8

We highly encourage utilizing this airport whenever possible.

Teterboro Airport is one of the best airports available to private jets. As early as 1919, Teterboro was servicing Fokker. Later, in 1926, Colonial Air Transport became the first private company delivering mail and… you guessed it! They were at Teterboro! In 1949, Teterboro was purchased by the Port Authority and subsequently leased to Pan Am World Airways. That lease lasted approximately 30 years but was eventually turned back over to Port Authority. Since re-establishing full responsibility for the airport in 2000, Port authority has spent nearly $175 million in renovations, upgrades, and expansions and it now serves as a relief airport to the New York area. Most importantly, unless you have a connecting flight out of JFK or La Guardia… Teterboro will typically be the most convenient airport available when flying into the New York area. In fact, Teterboro is home to nearly 50 large cabin aircraft – including Gulfstreams, Challengers, Global Expresses, and Falcons that are available for private jet charter. Naturally, people come and go frequently within the New York area but it might still be surprising that approximately a quarter of a million private jet charter flights begin or end at Teterboro on an annual basis. Why? Convenience! Teterboro airport is easily and conveniently accessible to and from the city of New York by way of the George Washington Bridge. The fees at Teterboro are low in comparison with JFK and La Guardia (we think those two raised their prices to keep us private jet lovers out of there so because they are already overwhelmed by the commercial carriers – wink! wink!).

Private Jet Charter Teterboro

Private Jet Charter

We look forward to assisting you with your next aircraft charter flight to the New York area by way of a private jet at Teterboro airport.

The following was originally posted to our Facebook wall but we felt it was worth sharing on our blog as well!

We are re-posting this from our friend Henry Lopez. The following words were included in his original post and we think it is so important to share. The aviation community is part of who we find this important for but our passengers are the real reason we are posting it. Sometimes not making a fuel stop saves a few dollars and a little time but is it really worth it? As the owner and founder of Exquisite Air Charter I have made the executive decision to pass on trips like these if the passenger is arguing that another company can do the trip non-stop and/or for less money. I’ve taken the position that “not all money is good money” and we ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT compromise on what we feel is safe. Revenue will never be the sole factor behind our decision making and sometimes it stings to pass on a good trip but we will not put our passengers in a risky situation. At the end of the day, the RIGHT passengers will respect our way of doing business and I have faith that our business will thrive as a result.

As written by Henry Lopez:
Another case of….. just because the airplane can do it, doesn’t mean that it’s the smartest thing to do. Ever since my private pilot days I have taken an interest in Aviation Safety and Human Factors. The picture below is of a GIV’s flight (not mine nor anyone that I CURRENTLY work with). 8 hours and 50 minutes is not bad for a GIV. Weather and runway conditions have to be just right. However this flight was from the West Coast of Africa to Bermuda. Yes that’s right, a little island in the Atlantic with only one runway. On a good day these “aviators” would have landed with roughly 3500lbs of fuel (Nevermind the fact that they could only load 500-600lbs of pax/cargo on this flight. This would equate to about 3 passengers. Not the case on this flight). The nearest alternate is 592 miles away requiring a 4688lb burn and 1:25 to get there. Math has never been my favorite subject but faced with a possible diversion due to weather or a disabled aircraft on the runway, these boys are gonna get wet.

Sad thing is that the “PIC” added this to his list of things the airplane can do and will most likely do it again and the “SIC” is only learning from this example.

Things like this really get my blood boiling. Speak up people! Fuel starvation and poor decision making does not discriminate between 91 and 135. If you need a fuel stop GET ONE! If a 1 stop trip turns into 2 stops then DO IT!

Private Jet Charter Flights

Unsafe private jet charter flights

Jet Charter Cards… A RIP OFF!!!

I receive daily alerts for all things private jet charter related and just finished reading an article about a well-known jet charter / fractional operator who offers members a flat rate amount of $8500 per hour which includes all fees, taxes, and fuel. Ironically, I just got a quote 3 days ago for a trip from Van Nuys, California to Teterboro, NJ from this same operator. My customer’s flight is a one-way flight AND KEEP IN MIND A LOT OF THESE PROGRAMS SELL THEIR PROGRAMS BASED ON ONE-WAY ITINERARIES! These companies swear by not having to pay round-trip pricing for your one-way flights.

Let me explain what a rip-off jet charter cards truly are. My flight quote obtain from this carrier was for $21,000 even and based on 5.25 hours of flight time (according to their quote). As an aircraft charter broker, my quotes are sent net/net – meaning that they don’t include Federal Excise Taxes, my commission, passenger segment fees, etc… This particular aircraft seats 8 passengers and my “all-in” price to my customer would be $23,281.85. If you break that down to an “all-in” hourly rate… $23,281.85 divided by 5.25 flight hours, that becomes $4,434.64 hourly. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND HOW THESE PROGRAMS EVEN SELL? $4,434.64 PER HOUR VS. $8,500.00 PER HOUR??? This is not rocket science!

Let’s consider customer service… Exquisite Air Charter guarantees we rank better than most! We are a boutique charter brokerage firm who gets to know each and every customer and their needs/likes personally. How can a huge company compete with that? We know the industry like the backs of our hands – those big companies hire people and attempt to train them to do something ( A JOB TO THAT PERSON) that we are passionate about. Life never ceases to amaze me… someone (ANYONE) is willing to waste an extra $4,065 per hour (or in this case more than $21,000 extra) to get less quality customer service than what we provide.

Jet Charter Cards… sometimes you just have to laugh! That’s all you can do!!!

Did you know that the Citation X Is the world’s fastest production civil aircraft? Once upon a time there were plenty of jokes about the “slow-tation” Cessna but not anymore. The Citation X was originally announced at the 1990 NBAA (National Business Administration Association) convention. The CE 750 (Citation X) was announced with the ability to cruise as fast as Mach 0.90 (basically it could fly 6 passengers from New York to LA in about 4.5 hours).

Many aircraft charter customers have stated that they love the Citation X’s look as much as they love the performance after deliveries began in January of 1997. In 15 years of production total deliveries have not met expectations. Some customers have expressed concern regarding the lean cabin cross-section that is shared with the Citation III, VI, VII, XLS, and Sovereign and that the aircraft is narrower than some comparable aircraft; however, the cabin’s double club main seating section is 19.7 feet long.

The Citation X is equipped with both slats and flaps and has amazing runway performance; something that customers who travel in and out of airports with compromising weather and runway issues are thankful for. The Citation X is also equipped with the Primus 2000 avionics suite including five CRTs up front and is offered a $600,000 Primus Elite upgrade that will prepare the aircraft for FAA’s NexGen. The aircraft is priced between $12-15 million and not usually much more. The Hawker 800XP and 900XP are big competitors because of their wider cabin cross sections. Super-mids (such as the Hawker 4000, Gulfstream G200, and the Challenger 300) also compete but have larger cabins and better range but if you have a need for speed then you’d certainly enjoy chartering a Citation X aircraft.