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Monthly Archives: January 2015

What an amazing and delicious experience to dine with locals around the world! By dining with locals you are afforded a unique opportunity to experience homemade authentic meals. Often the menu incorporates meals prepared using recipes that are passed down through generations. Additionally, you enjoy these meals in the home of a local family; experiencing the true culture, authenticity, sincerity, and hospitality of the family in addition to a great meal! With more and more websites popping up to find a host family in your destination city, we have found Bon Appetour to be among our favorites!

Bon Appetour connects families spanning over five continents, 25 countries, and 50 cities and is growing rapidly.

No plans of traveling in the near future? How about becoming a host?

Taking a private jet and looking for something more exclusive? How about a premium meal prepared by a celebrity chef?

Learn more at Bon Appetour!

Happy Travels!