Global Express

Aircraft Information
Average Passenger Capacity: 12 Lavatory Style: Full
Airspeed (mph): 521 Range: 7349
Cabin Width: 8.2 Cabin Height: 6.3
Cabin Length: 48.4
Global Express Pictured
 Global Express EXT  Global Express INT
 Global Express FP
The Global Express was developed for a perceived increase in ultra long range business jet demands. It was first flown in 1996 with its first delivery being in 1999. The Global Express is recognizable by the winglets on its low/swept wing and its swept T-tail with swept horizontal stabilizer. It has two rear fuselage mounted engines, and 13 cabin windows on each side. Piloted by a crew of 2, the Global Express can hold up to 19 passengers. The Global Express cruises at speeds up to 505 knots and can have a range up to 6700 nautical miles.





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